Are you a landlord?

Nomad operates a private rented access scheme called Smart Renting, part of our Smart Steps programme. Smart Renting helps single people and couples, on low incomes or benefits, access shared privately rented accommodation. We work closely with landlords to place clients in suitable shared properties and ensure that clients receive support to sustain their tenancies. We have a waiting list for shared accommodation with demand far outstripping supply.

Our clients are not owed a statutory housing duty from the local authority and so have no option other than to rent privately. However, they face barriers to accessing accommodation because there is a serious shortage of property available to people in receipt of housing benefit.


We assess the suitability of all our potential clients for shared accommodation. Each client receives intensive pre-tenancy training before being rehoused, and we provide three months resettlement support upon moving in. We are available throughout this period to liaise between the landlord and tenant wherever necessary.

As we work with clients on low incomes and benefits, we need to ensure that accommodation is affordable. We use the Local Housing Allowance rate for shared accommodation when advising landlord on rent levels. We also ensure housing benefit claims are submitted, inventories are completed and utility supplies are established.


We work with clients to support them into employment and training where required, increasing their income and improving their personal potential. We work in partnership with Sheffield businesses to create opportunities for our clients to access employment; for example, as their charity of the year, we recently worked with Veolia Environmental Services to create work experience placements, which led to paid employment for clients. Many of our clients also access enterprise training through Princes Trust, or go on to further or higher education once they have settled in their tenancies.

We would welcome contact from any landlords who have available rooms or houses and who wish to discuss the scheme in more detail.



  • To match clients in need of affordable accommodation with safe, secure, good quality shared properties in the private sector
  • To improve the supply of shared accommodation in the private sector
  • To support tenants to develop the skills needed to sustain a tenancy
  • To support tenants to settle in to their new home
  • To support tenants and landlords to establish a productive, long term business relationship


  • We will not charge you for finding a tenant – our service is completely free
  • We will do our best to find you a suitable tenant for your room
  • We will invite you to be involved in the pre-tenancy training phase if you wish
  • We will support tenants to get relevant benefit claims established and ensure that benefit payments are made directly to you
  • We will complete an inventory with the tenant prior to move in
  • We will ensure that your tenant receives all the required training to sustain their tenancy
  • We will provide resettlement support for your tenant for up to three months to address issues such as benefit claims and utility bills
  • We will refer on for additional housing- related support if your tenant so requires
  • We will mediate between you and the tenant during the first three months should the need arise