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“Going in blind” is the most appropriate phrase for what It was like for me starting at Nomad. Having never been in any form of office before, I really had no idea what to expect on my first day as a Admin and Finance Assistant. After all, you can’t gauge what a role will be like from a job description so naturally I was curious what would be expected of me. Now however, after a mere 5 months I’ve learnt invaluable lessons that school just cannot teach.

Printing, filling and stapling are exactly what I thought my job would consist of but almost immediately I was involved with so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I have spent many an hour locked in battle with the printer, yet what I do is more than meaningless numbers on a screen. Despite a lot of what I do being simple admin. tasks, I know getting them done can be the difference between someone spending a night on the streets instead of having a roof over their head. As soon as I realised this, my attitude changed. Which is why I believe understanding the importance of completing trivial tasks is a powerful thing - so that to me is why Nomad goes above and beyond.

Saying that Nomad has friendly staff does not do it justice; I’m not just saying it I’m writing about it. Not only was I welcomed with open arms, I was accepted. Nothing puts a person at ease more than knowing they can trust everyone around them and without even thinking about it they will put your needs first. That’s one thing larger companies just can’t provide, a true sense of belonging. Whether it’s first thing on a drizzly Monday morning or last thing on Friday, I know help is never far away and that’s exactly the introduction I hoped for from a first job. There may be bigger companies, which offer more money or even charities which house more people, nevertheless, I’ll be waiting for you to find an office with more welcoming and caring staff. I’ll wait…


Blades Enterprise Centre, 

John Street,

Sheffield S2 4QX





0114 3210262

Company No. 3846994 | Charity No. 1078089

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