• Karen Awdhali

Christmas at Nomad

The thought of someone having nowhere to call home is upsetting at any time of the year but it always seems so much worse at Christmas.

I personally love Christmas and all it involves, decorating the tree, buying special presents for the people we love, deciding what to cook for Christmas lunch and making sure that the people who matter to us, have the best day possible.

All of these things are centred around your home and to think that someone doesn’t have this, upsets me on a level that I can’t begin to describe.

All the team at Nomad work hard all year-round to ensure that as many people as possible have a roof over their heads but in the run-up to Christmas, our team is on a mission!

The number of referrals we receive during December always seems to increase and we can’t go home on Christmas Eve until we know that we have done everything within our power to find as many people as possible a place to call home in time for the big day.

One memorable year, we housed 10 people in the three days up to Christmas. The Smart Steps team ran that week like a military operation. Everyone had their roles and we knew that more than ever, we needed to work together to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

We had Sean carrying out viewings, Ian completing the sign-ups and my job was to go shopping for the essentials (duvets, pillows, bedding, crockery, etc) every day and complete all the housing benefit applications.

On Christmas Eve alone, we housed 6 people and I have never felt prouder of the Smart Steps team and the work we do. One of the people we housed had been living in a tent and to know that he was warm but more importantly, he was safe allowed us all to go home and enjoy Christmas.

So, when you think of other jobs where people start winding down for Christmas, please be assured that our team is revving up!


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